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where’s the version where jon is replaced with another Garfield

No clue, never heard of it before. That sounds pretty funny, though

Why are these comics tagged as “jon arbuckle” who is this “jon”? Is it a ghost?

Oh You Know

Something’s missing

I thought this was to my main blog and i freaked out for a second over how ominous it was

whats the worst part of doing this

Spotty shadows in the older comics are real annoying to tile right.

Is there a Garfield minus Garfield blog? If not, would you be cool with one?


I don’t know why Tumblr suggested this blog to me but it is definitely my new favorite thing in the whole diddly darn world.

i like to think that when its two blank panels then garf says something hes watching tv or making up situations in his mind. what a good boy

yeah pretty much

pure blog

the only good blog

Why do you even tag Jon if he isn’t there ?