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VIRUS ALERT: there’s a really strange virus that seems to have infiltrated quite a lot of people overnight that makes you send messages like the ones above. idk what the person’s obsession w/bitcoin is but u should also know that if you do in fact have a bitcoin you’re rich. 

check your outgoing messages, check to see if you’re logged in anywhere else (account settings, current sessions), and change your passwords!! it’s unclear if it’s a mobile problem or an online one, but just remember that if you’re ever suddenly redirected to the tumblr login page, close the app/page immediately and go back to the direct link of the page. if it’s not exactly, don’t use it. maybe also uninstall + reinstall the app if you were affected? idk i’m kind of a safe-or-sorry person so that might be overkill. 

edit: i personally have a lot of messages from ppl following me for a year or more, but there was also evidence that if someone’s been following you for less than 2 weeks, they’re more likely to have it/be a bot. just fyi!

remember not to click any of the links included on these types of messages. to be on the safe side i’m not replying to any of them. if you were affected, i also recommend a computer check just to be on the safe side.

if you get a message from me saying i want bitcoin, please understand i am a feudal lord and i only collect those little bits of paper that give me a get-out-of-jail-free pass to heaven. 

good luck out there!

I’m getting these, so please check and please be careful!